My Advice To The Youths
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Hi everyone, Sunday blessings I declared upon your life. Amen 🙏.   In this blog post, I'm going to ask you a question as a youth and I'm also going to teach you a bit from my experience in this our own century.  

As a youth, what do you observe in this century and what is your vision and mission about your observation?

After you have think about the above question within yourself and conclude on it, down below is my own personal observation and vision + mission in the century we are in.   When you look at the time of our forefathers and even some of our immediate fathers, make a crucial research about those days and observe today's life. The world have automatically changed from its original shape into a world of digital system. During the days of our forefathers and even some of our immediate fathers, if you mentioned going to school you are before them like a useless being, mostly Africans. But when you ignorantly from their own perspective complete your education you become a brand among them, by being offered a good job with an awesome salary. By then after schooling you have a good job waiting for you, a good company looking for workers, an organization looking for who will brightly and educationally carry them along. People are in a very high respect of each other by then. Competition was very few or not even considered among many peoples. But it comes to a time when most of this people began to see the importance of education, they began to notice the light it carries, and then many of the families began to send their children to school and some traveled out to a different directions in life.
School during those days favoured many that went to school.
Ok, looking at the above statements, you see that there was a time in most part of African countries where farming was the highest way out in life until school came in. Today I and you we met school and we went to school, but the question is:

Among the millions and billions of people who went to school, are there jobs to make us earn a satisfiable living?

It is very impossible to say yes to my above question. Why? Because, in the world today there are many people and science and technology has changed the whole system of the world.

My vision and mission in our century

To make a progress in any organization, unity and love must conjunct. Yes! During the time of our forefathers most of them that had a great communities are those who lovingly joined hands together and train a well brained person in school, which at the end of the day he/she reward the community back by handling taxes wisely and with sufficient effort, selflessly. But here we are not talking of training anyone in group but we are talking of supporting the good idea that anyone from any race may bring up. It's for his/her good, but doubtlessly it's for your own good too. You might know how to enkindle fire but don't know how to cook on the fire. So, play your part and let another play his/her on part, very important and helpful.
Now to the system of our world today.
In today's world system, it is very difficult for your school certificate to put a great smile on your face through the alert that you receives. Most of the people are sad with the work which they spent many years in school pursuing it as a dream. Why is it so? Because the salary can't solve your needs. In the providence of science and technology, should we say that life has ended for the computer illiterates? No. This is where I'm going to input the advice of being supportive to who knows more than you. By following the person who knows the system of this age patiently and supportively can make you set up a vision and fulfilling mission. Know the business you are venturing into, to avoid being mislead by the majority of smugglers. Thanks for reading!

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